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name: Tannerz
age: 18
sex: female
location: Wisconsin

top ten bands:
* Taking Back Sunday
* Brand New
* Dashboard Confessional
* Green Day
* The Used
* Hawthorne Heights
* Duran Duran
* Cursive
* My Chemical Romance

top 5 movies:
* Donnie Darko
* The Virgin Suicides
* Empire Records
* Dazed and Confused
* Not Another Teen Movie

How long have you been into emo music? Wow that's a great question that I wish I could answer, but I'll just make a guess....around 98'- 99'

Emo is: emotion. It's the way an artists express themselves with their lyrics. It brings so much feeling not saying that other music doesn't too, but emo is more powerful for me.

What do you think of:

a)abortion? It's wrong to take a life. You're not giving that child a chance to think for itself.
b)gay marriage? Marriage is marriage. I have gay friends so it's okay with me even though it goes against my religion, but I'm not going to desert them.
c)death penalty? Like the abortion issue it's wrong to take a life. So the criminal might have killed someone, but that doesn't give you the right to do it.
d)legalization of marijuana? I guess if it helps people and is for a good cause.
e)George W. Bush? He's the President. LOL I don't discuss politics sorry.

Now some word association:

green: day
punch: line
bug: kill it
G: Unit
tear: drop
photograph: idk? lol



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